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I’m a copywriter for coaches, online business owners and wellness entrepreneurs who want to succeed, have an abundant life and do good in the world.

Ready for carefully crafted website copy, that tells the world who you are and that attracts a steady stream of soulmate clients?

My name is Becky and I’m so glad you’re here!




Any of this sound familiar?

You know exactly how you want your website copy or content to sound in your head but you’re struggling to get it into words
You’re ready to invest in a copywriter for coaches who can understand your vision, who you’re trying to reach and turn into words that connect and convert
You’re a busy business owner and entrepreneur and don’t have the time to write your own web copy, emails or blogs. If only there could be two of you…

Well, the fact is, there is only room in this world for ONE of you. But, thankfully, I’m here too, and I can be your double as your ghostwriter and give your brand the copy it needs to bring it to life – leaving you with the peace of mind and the time to go and run your biz.


‘After procrastinating updating my Linkedin profile for a while, Becky took control of the process, which was exactly what I needed. First, we jumped on a call, which felt like chatting with a friend. A few days after the call, I received a script. And I loved it! She made it to connect all the dots of my story by underlying the moments that show my identity and value to the reader, something that’s difficult to put together when you write about yourself. Her script ended up being so good that I’m ) thinking of updating my webpage by adding a few sentences from Becky’s script.’

Olga Amelina, Health Coach

‘Working with Becky The Copywriter was a breath of fresh air! We had a genuine conversation about my brand, my audience, and the message I wanted to convey. It felt like she was sitting beside me, understanding my vision intuitively. And that understanding translated beautifully into the copy she crafted. My website now sings with a human voice that resonates with my ideal audience. If you’re looking for copy that connects, not just converts, Becky is the real deal!’

Keith Elliott, Audio Engineer, Resonant Rhythm

‘Working with Becky was an absolute DREAM! I have never been more proud and excited to share a sales page than I feel with the copy she wrote me. As an online coach of almost 6-years, I’ve worked with multiple marketing teams, ad agencies, and highly-successful business coaches, and every single one of them tried to mold me into their box, keeping me confused and lacking confidence around who I was really here to speak to and help.

I felt connected to Becky immediately, and on our brainstorming call I could feel how attentive she was to my own languaging and voice. It was like I finally had a safe space to speak to MY dream client, share MY why and origin story, and then to have an incredible product afterwards that reflects my heart and soul?! What could be better?!! She was also easy to communicate with and prompt with any ideas or adjustments I had. I highly recommend her and know I’ll work with her again many times in the future. Thanks for helping me shine my authentic light and speak my own voice!’

Kara Michelle, Life Coach, Healer, Hypnotist

‘Working with Becky has given me the momentum to commit to my ideas and bring them to life. There were so many stories living inside me that I felt stuck for a while, and then after we started working together, we took each topic one by one, and they became sales pages, marketing assets, blog posts, and emails that allowed me to connect and engage with my community. The three-part email sequence she wrote got one of my best click-through rates ever at 52.6%! 

She gave me the support and accountability to continue to share my vision and thoughts with the world. This gave me more purpose and, ultimately, more impact. Don’t let your ideas end in the graveyard; Becky’s human touch and talent are the magic wand you’ve been looking for!’

Maika Endo, Holsitc Business Coach

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