Hi, I’m Becky.

(I am also a complete chatterbox, ask my friends). That’s why I became a copywriter for coaches, online business owners and wellness entrepreneurs.

After a career in a youth charity in the UK reaching young people both face-to-face and with sincere and heart-centred written resources, I moved to Turkey.

Moving abroad, and learning Turkish all while embracing motherhood taught me how to use words to reach different audiences with a message (toddlers- possibly the toughest target audience out there ammirite?!)

As an Enneagram Type 2 (The Helper, kind, generous, warm-hearted, and loving at their best. Enneagram 2s are motivated by the need to be helpful to others),  I’m passionate about empowering others to take action to make the world a better place.

Whether you’re a therapist helping people heal and live as their highest selves, or a spiritual entrepreneur helping people navigate their enlightenment, a coach empowering others to reach their goals, or a sustainable fashion or beauty brand living out your values, if we work together, I make sure I understand YOU, your story, and your unique experiences that have helped to shape your brand and mission- because your success is my success. (This also means if you’re a non-profit or a start-up working on the frontline to make a difference in the world, I have a soft spot for you guys – so let’s talk)

Other things I love include sustainable style, spinning classes, summertime, the ocean, travel and snapping cute coffee shots across Istanbul.

I truly believe that the written word is so powerful it can create a feeling- such is the impact of a few letters scribbled together in a specific order.

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