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I’m a copywriter for coaches, online business owners and wellness entrepreneurs who want to succeed, have an abundant life and do good in the world.

How to Write Good B2B Email Subject Lines

How to Write Good B2B Email Subject Lines

If you’re a heart-led sales coach or business coach, you’re obsessed with helping your clients build their legacies. You live and breathe to mentor your clients to create and market irresistible offers, position themselves in front of their ideal humans, and confidently sell their offers.  As a B2B sales coach, email marketing is your secret…

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Musings of a Copywriter

How to Write Good Email Subject Lines

You’re finally ready to press ‘send’ after spending all day crafting your email. You’ve written from the heart, and you’re confident that your content will add value to your subscribers’ lives the minute they click and open that email. The problem is that the average person receives over 100 emails every day, so how do…

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Musings of a Copywriter

What is a Legacy Business and How can you Build one?

My most aligned clients are those in their biz for more than just making a buck. We’re all born with an innate desire for meaning and connection with others. By building a legacy business, you can create an income for yourself whilst at the same time enjoy meaningful work. In this blog, we’ll explore what…

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Musings of a Copywriter

Why I’m a Copywriter for Coaches and Consultants

 A copywriter who is good at their craft can write for anyone about anything.  Over the years I’ve written copy for businesses in a wide variety of niches. But there’s one thing I come back to – and that’s the power of value-driven words that impact in the world for good… Which is why I love…