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What does it mean to build a business on your values?

Does your business really reflect you and your values? There’s a lot of noise out there about company values, but for solo entrepreneurs and online business owners like you and I, well, sometimes we can get a little lost. Is it really possible to show up as your authentic self in your business and enjoy your work as, well, YOU?

A holistic view of your biz

This year, my path collided with an amazing business coach, and little did I know that the whole direction of my business was about to change- and become a whole lot more enjoyable.

I initially met her through other colleagues, and then she became a client when I had the privilege of writing her LinkedIn profile. It was then that I realised the very programme I was promoting through my copywriting on her LinkedIn bio was just what I needed to establish! It was a match made in heaven!

Instead of just focusing on profit and loss (she does cover this of course, and a whole lot more), my holistic business coach this year has been teaching me how to build a human-centred business that I love- and that is built on my values- not just on what every other copywriter was doing! Mind. Blown.

At the initial onboarding stages, we did a powerful visualisation exercise where my coach led me on an inner adventure to dig into why I’m a copywriter, why I fell in love with my work, and where I see my future in 1, 5, and 10 years from now.

It was the most incredible and enlightening experience, and I came away from the session feeling so excited about the future and much clearer about not only what I wanted my work to look like but also about what my whole life’s purpose is! I know right, deep!

I had no idea how I would implement my personal values and my vision for my life through just yet, (still don’t!) but I trust the process and I know all will become clear in due time.

What are some of my personal values that underpin my business?

So, if you’re desperate to know what came up in my visualisation exercise, most of that is highly personal, so I won’t be sharing it here… JUST KIDDING!

I love to share what I am learning, and I hope that doing so will help you get to know me a little more- both as Becky the copywriter- and as, well, just Becky.

I also want you to feel validated to do things in your businesses, start-up, or brand how YOU want to – because your values matter.

Anyway, here are some of my values that emerged from the exercise:

  • Connection to God
  • Long-term connective relationships with clients
  • Writing meaningful, world-changing copy that helps my clients change the world
  • Inner spiritual and emotional healing/transformation
  • Mentoring and supporting other women in business
  • Building community- both on the ground where I live and also around brands I believe in
  • Leadership
  • Travel and raising globally-minded children

Some of the above I have seen play out through my business in exciting ways- and some I have no idea what role they will play just yet- but that’s what makes it an adventure, right?

Building a business based on your values means you’ll pull in clients that you align with

Your clients are more than just customers buying a service from you. They are people whom you want to impact and help in some way. They are souls who need the expertise and skills or product you are offering.

And just as you are entirely unique, so are they. People don’t want cookie-cutter entrepreneurs who are all doing the same thing; they want- and need- you to show up as your authentic self as YOU.

When you show the world your values through your content marketing and business mission, your clients know what they are getting. Then when you build a relationship with your client, you share expectations, and meeting these expectations builds trust. Essentially trust between humans is the core foundation of a successful business- so when you let your values and beliefs shine through your work through your content pillars, for example, you’ll attract the soul-clients you can’t wait to work with.

Building a business based on your values means direction and growth

Your values are the building blocks that form your mission and purpose, so they are the critical determiners of where you’re heading. A business with a strong sense of purpose will grow and move forward to meet its goals faster than one that doesn’t know what it wants.

Let’s say one of your values is integrity. This value could play a part in your overall mission; for example, you might aim to become a completely client-centered coach who doesn’t shy away from hard and uncomfortable questions to speak the truth from a place of honesty and care. This value will benefit your clients so massively that you can directly impact the growth of your business. When you focus on your values instead of just profit, you’ll impact your community positively and become irresistible to your target audience.

Building a business based on your values means you’ll enjoy your work, making it sustainable for the long term

This is the best part. When you discover what’s the most important to you in life or what experiences made you who you are today, this forms your values. When you decide to build your business upon these- well, it gives you permission to do things your way- so people want to work with you for who you truly are. And that’s really what it’s all about, right? And be creative and have fun! 60-odd of our years on this planet we will spend working- so make sure it’s meaningful and enjoyable so you can do it for the long-term.
If you are a therapist and mum, let your experience as a new mother shape your service offerings somehow.

If you’re a business consultant who is also wild about wine tasting, offer a vineyard visit as the final part of your consultation package, and I bet you’ll attract a ton of clients who love it as much as you do!

If you’re a fitness trainer and you believe in body positivity, reflect that in your content to help more people feel confident to get moving.

You get my gist!

What about you?

If you’re a coach or any kind of online business owner or entrepreneur, you, too, like me, have your own unique story of what led you to your work. You, like me, have a unique set of values and beliefs that underpin what you do and why you do it.

Do you think you’re running your business according to what you value and believe in? Or have you drifted a little into doing what everyone else is doing? As a copywriter, I’m passionate about weaving individuals’ values seamlessly into words to make their businesses grow.

So let me encourage you to be your authentic self in your work- don’t just do what everyone else is doing for the sake of it- you be you because the world needs what only you can give.

Comment below and let me know a value that makes your biz special?


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