How to Write Good B2B Email Subject Lines

If you’re a heart-led sales coach or business coach, you’re obsessed with helping your clients build their legacies. You live and breathe to mentor your clients to create and market irresistible offers, position themselves in front of their ideal humans, and confidently sell their offers. 

As a B2B sales coach, email marketing is your secret weapon. By crafting persuasive and impactful emails, you can take your audience on a journey to discover how they can work with you.

Let’s explore effective B2B email subject line strategies and suggest some B2B email subject lines that could get you a higher open rate than if Chanel did a Mother’s Day Special email campaign!

What are B2B emails?

B2B stands for business-to-business. If you’re a coach or entrepreneur, you went into your work to empower others to confidently step into their life purpose and calling, too, right? 

Side note: thats why I became a copywriter, too. I vibe off helping others rise and meet their full potential. 

Whether you’re a holistic business coach, manifestation coach, or the CEO of a product-based business, when you offer your products and services to other businesses or entrepreneurs rather than to direct consumers, you’re conducting B2B. 

B2B emails are messages you craft to your potential clients, who are also business owners. With me so far?

B2B email marketing includes any emails you send your audience- from subscribers to your regular newsletter, or email funnels that go out to your new subscribers after downloading your lead magnet or freebie.

Why is your B2B email subject line so Important?

Well, we’ve already ascertained that writing good email subject lines is pretty darn important (nay, NON-NEGOTIABLE!). If your email subject line is uninteresting, don’t expect someone to open your email.

You can see more on why it’s vital to write email subject lines that get opened in my blog, How to Write Good Email Subject Lines. 

Writing a compelling B2B email subject is definitely a skill to be learned (and practiced!). To get your readers to open the email, you need to give them a good reason. If not… down into the depths of the inbox (or trash) it goes, never to see the light of day again!

Five Effective B2B Email Subject Line Strategies

Because the ONLY goal of an email newsletter is to add value to your reader’s life, a cookie-cutter approach won’t cut it when it comes to great email subject line examples.

Instead, focus on how you can solve your readers’ problems, give them everything they hope for and desire, and then position your subject lines for b2b at the same frequency. 

Here are five strategies for best practices you can try to help make it easier than ever for your audience to OPEN YOUR JUICY EMAIL:

1. Show Authority in your Email Subject Line

Write personably and in a friendly way, but more importantly, position yourself with authority in your niche. Remember, the safer your reader feels when they see your name in their email inbox, the more likely they are to open your email.

Show yourself that you deserve to be taken seriously (without sounding like an arrogant know-it-all, lol). So, how do you do this:

Point to case studies and stories of clients’ before-and-after transformations inside your email with a subject line like:

‘Becky, Phoebe couldn’t believe the difference after just a month working together…’

‘Becky, I’ve helped over 100 entrepreneurs scale their business with this simple tip.’

‘The one thing I’ve always found to be true after over a decade as a coach’

2. Tickle readers’ Intrigue when Writing a sales email subject line

Think back to the most intriguing email subject line you couldn’t resist opening. In the same way, trigger some curiosity in the email subject line, hinting at what’s inside without directly mentioning your product or service, and you’re onto a winner. Try something like:

‘The reason I chose to say no to working with her, Becky’

‘OMG Becky, what would you do if this happened to you?!’

Of course, it’s vital that you deliver the goods inside the email and never use clickbaity language. 

Words like ‘limited time’ and ‘exclusive deal’ will result in nothing but you being welcomed into the spam folder, right next to the subject line that says: ‘Re: Your payment of your winnings’ (why does the ‘Re:’ always make me look twice?!) 

3. Give Before you ask in your email funnels and subject lines

Sales is a delicate matter. As b2b entrepreneurs, we want to serve our community so that their choosing to work with us seems like the most natural next step.

The key to this is to build trust and relationships with your audience and build up a track record of really helping them.

In your email funnels, you’ll focus on delivering value to your audience. Your email subject lines should reflect this, so never include a Call to Action or ask them to buy or invest in your subject lines. That would be like skipping mains and going straight for dessert or skipping dating and popping the question-it won’t go down well. 

Sales psychology states that your audience will feel more of a desire to show their gratitude after someone has helped them out, which can be in the form of buying. A great way to approach sales in an email funnel is to give your readers some actionable steps to solve a problem they have.

They should be quick and straightforward so they feel the difference immediately. After this, you can ask your prospects to take action, such as looking at an offer or booking a call with you.

Here are some example email subject lines to promise to help them in some way: (hint: sometimes directly tellin’ them what’s inside is best, for more about this in point number one in How to Write good Email Subject Lines. ).

‘Becky, let me show you how I solved xyz’

‘Becky, if I can do it, so can you…’

4. Write a Personalised Email Subject Line

Your goal is to build trust with your readers, so naturally, you want to make a good impression and connect. Be yourself! Write how you would talk in your email subject line- and even more so when writing your content. (This is your brand voice!)

By sharing a bit of your life in your email subject line, you can build bridges so that people not only open the email but also enjoy reading it and become interested in your work.

Being likeable always helps, too – we’re more like to forge a connection with people with values, hobbies, or life experiences similar to ours, so go ahead and share yours – you never know who might resonate with you! (One client of mine lives in an area of Mexico I adored when I traveled there as a student, and we bonded over this!)

Also, ALWAYS use recipients names in your email subject line:

‘Becky, guess what I did last night instead of laundry?’

‘Do you know what one of my childhood memories is, Becky?’

5. And finally, when it comes to writing the perfect b2b cold email subject line:

There is a time and a place for cold emails- write your subject line with skill and integrity to boost your open rate. If I see an email from an unknown sender in my inbox, I’m probably ONLY gonna open it if it:

-It’s going to really benefit me: Promise them a yummy benny in the subject line: ‘I’m writing to you today to offer you xyz’

-Its from a brand I know: Make it clear who you are in the subject line

-It’s from someone who knows someone I know! Let them know you have a mutual acquaintance: ‘Hey Becky, Jesse gave me your details’.

Email writing is always more fun with coffee art

15 attention-grabbing subject lines for B2B sales

Here, I’ve created 15 examples of sales email subject lines for B2B businesses you can use and that can inspire you to write more of your own. From injecting some urgency to make ’em hurry up and just click to how to promise value and tell them how you’ll remedy their pain points… enjoy.

B2B Email Subject lines with Urgency

1. ‘Get 20% off with my xyz service- Book Now!’

Why it works: This one is quite simple- we all love saving money, so biz owners are likely to at least open your email to see what it is they should book! 

2. ‘Becky, hurry, cos when they’re gone, they’re gone!’

Why it works: This is an excellent example of subject lines that get opened- cos we don’t wanna miss out on NUTHIN! This subject line packs a double punch cos it combines urgency (‘come ON!’) with scarcity (‘You gunna MISS IT!’.)

3.’Becky, don’t miss your VIP access.’

Why it works: Well, whilst we all be VIPS around these parts, a b2b sales email that lands in my inbox like this makes me all feel all kind of spesh. CLICK.

4. ‘Trust me, Becky, you don’t wanna miss this!’

Why it works: This email subject line directly taps into our fear of missing out, so the expected human behaviour is to check it out just in case…

5. ‘This Price Goes Away at Midnight, Becky’

Why it works: Gahhh, what’s the time? Phew, it’s only 10 p.m. You better know I hate missing deadlines, so add one to your subject line for a boosted open rate.

Email Subject lines for b2b sales that Promise Value.

6. ‘Attract your ideal client with this one marketing strategy.’

Why it works: You’re making what they desire sound within reach. You’re promising your b2b audience what they want (clients), and you’re giving the good news that they can quickly get it just by taking ONE action. 

7. ‘Becky, I want to share my expert advice with you.’

Why it works: Businesses always value getting input from an expert (don’t say ‘free’ in the subject line; you’ll alert the Spam bots).

8. ‘Unique insights in my XYZ Report’

Why it works: You’re piquing curiosity, and insights can really help another business owner and save them doing a whole bunch market research themselves, so this has a high chance to get opened. 

9 ‘Improve your xyz Performance with my Training’

Why it works: Business owners always look for ways to improve their performance or hone their craft. 

10. ‘Best Practices to make you Stand out’

Why it works: This b2b email subject line directly targets business owners’ desire to be themselves and stand out among the crowd.

And now, onto arguably the most effective of all subject lines and my favourite… let’s fix some boo-boos (aka pain points)…

B2B Email lines that offer remedies for pain points

11. ‘Reduce (pain point) today.’

Why it works: Short and sweet is often the best and invites your reader to open the email to see what you’re promising them. (Note: Don’t OVERPROMISE them with a subject line like ‘say goodbye to (pain point) forever. ‘ 

12. ‘(Pain point)? I’ve been there. Try this…’

Why it works: I love this email subject line as it displays empathy. When you have a problem, you immediately feel less alone if someone else has gone through what you have. It also gives you hope that they have found a solution to tackle it.

13. ‘Are you ready to reduce (pain point) and say hello to (desire)?’

Why it works: This one is a double whammy and a great subject line because it’s a direct invitation to prepare to do away with your pain point and, at the same time, replace it with what you really want. Sign me up!

14. ‘Your anti- (pain-point) solution is here.’

Why it works: This b2b subject line verges on being full of yourself, but if your audience already knows you, you can get away with it! Just make sure your solution really does fix their pain point.

15. (Pain point), Becky? My XYZ worked for Jane; here’s her story…’

Why it works: This is an excellent example of a personalised subject line. You’re telling your readers you have a solution to their problem and inviting them to read a testimonial about how your services helped someone else with the same issue. At the same time, you’re boosting your credibility and positioning yourself as the best person to help them.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this blog about best Practices for b2b sales Email Subject lines. Please send this blog to a friend who you think could benefit from it, and go forth and write. 

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