If you’re a personal brand, coach, or an online business owner, you long for IMPACT.

You want to help people live happier, healthier, more abundant lives.

You want to build a business that makes the world a better place.

And you know only too well regular aligned written content is not an optional extra but a KEY way to achieve this dream.

And if you’re upscaling, launching a new offer, or growing your audience, you need to show up in the world with clear, compelling copy that converts. And, of course, it needs to sound like YOU:

  • Blog posts that uplift, educate, and change mindsets, 
  • Sales pages that help your dream clients get that ‘eureka!’ moment of realizing YOU are what they need.
  • Newsletters that your subscribers can’t wait to read because they add so much value to their lives.
Becky wearing a brown sweater, sitting at a table in a cafe smiling.

There can be many reasons why regular content is not happening for you right now…

…but one of the main reasons I created my Tone-of-Voice-Double Monthly Retainer was to create a safe container, for highly heart-led business owners to get their message out into the world. 

In this monthly retainer offering I work closely with my beautiful heart-led clients to support them in writing their newsletters and other content.

In my Tone-of-Voice Double Monthly Retainer, I work with you long-term to get inside the head and the heart of your brand and your unique assignment of helping transform people’s lives for the better. I then work with you to write all of the content you need on a month-to-month basis.

Here’s what Kara had to say:

‘I love writing my emails, but sometimes I get so stuck and doubt what I’m offering. I appreciate Becky holding space for me and writing for me in a way that just feels like a natural extension of my voice. 

She helps me to get everything feeling 100% authentically ME  this really boosts my confidence and feel safe to promote them knowing that I feel aligned with the emails, format & subject lines! What a blessing of timing that Becky came into my life! I’m grateful!’
Kara Michelle

Quite honestly, I feel like the lucky one when I get to work with women like this because I really believe its my calling to help many more female entrepreneurs in this way!

  • The ability to be your written tone-of-voice double! (your audience will never know you didn’t write that newsletter!)
  • I write to your target audience to connect, nurture, and CONVERT.
  • Championing your brand like it was my own.
  • Being highly organised. I’ll help you plan deadlines for each piece of content and hold you accountable for sharing it.
  • 1 Sales Page (up to 1000 words)
  • 3-part email sequence (up to 800 words each)
  • 2 SEO blog posts (up to 1000 words each)
  • An initial Zoom chat (think of it as a coffee date
  • I create a scope of work for us to both agree to
  • A transfer of all relevant content from you to me
  • I create a template for your first piece of copy and lead you through our first co-creation piece (this will get quicker over time; at the beginning, expect some back-and-forth edits as we develop our creative synergy.
  • I get feedback from you on the first draft
  • Once we’re happy with the first piece of copy, we’ll create a regular workflow schedule.

The Investment


(per month, three-month commitments minimum)

Why the three-month commitment?

It’s better value for you! You’re accessing a lower rate for copy as a bundle AND taking priority in my schedule in return for your three-month agreement.

For maximum co-creation potential. Three months is the minimum time I need to learn deeply about your goals and target audience and embody your exact tone of voice. My heart is always long-term collaboration for maximum impact. The kind of synergy we aim to build together doesn’t happen overnight. But when we succeed…

Watch out, world!

So, if you are:

  • An entrepreneur running one or several businesses.
  • Have big dreams to upscale, and you want to free up your time to do so.
  • In your business for the long haul, and you want to build a legacy brand that will stand the test of time with a consistent tone of voice.
  • Ready to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that all your copy needs are under control.

This retainer offering is for YOU!

Still unsure about making the leap to go all in with a copywriter?

Remember, when you hire me on a monthly retainer, you add me to your marketing team. 

Think about it as an investment in your business that you’ll soon make back- because what you put in, you’ll get out. 

You’ll be able to focus entirely on your business, knowing I’m behind the scenes, keeping all your copy ticking along nicely that will do all the heavy lifting of selling for you.

We’ll do the deep dive work of getting to know one another and identifying your brand’s goals, audience, and tone of voice, and the longer we work together, the better and more effective our collaboration is going to be, meaning that you:

  • Show up in the world BOLDY and CONSISTENTLY as the master of your craft.
  • Get an on-brand copy on time every month* that attracts a steady stream of dream clients who KNOW that you’re the one to help them.
  • Save time, energy, and stress, and have more time to expand your business. 
  • Get to fulfill your mission of changing the world one step at a time in more flow and with more ease then ever before!

So. Are you ready to co-create together? I’d love to hear from you.

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