Are you a coach, therapist, spiritual entrepreneur or any other kind of service-based biz owner? Do you want to effortlessly convince people to book your retreat, workshop, sign up to your course or book your ongoing services?

And no one on this planet brings what you do to the table. EVERYTHING about your work is unique – from your values to your methods, right through to your personality and your tone of voice.

But no matter how long you have been running your business, I know that it can be hard to explain WHAT exactly it is that you do, clearly and to the point.

Perhaps you keep getting stuck at how to communicate your services in a way that makes you stand out from others in your niche (because, remember, when you’re your authentic self, you stand out in all the right ways).

Maybe you’re just struggling to find the time or the motivation to write your service page yourself.

And even if you did carve out the time in your busy schedule, it’s not always easy to write about yourself on a sales page so that it converts to leads, and new clients that become repeat clients.

So if you’re building a new website or updating your service menu, you’re gonna need some fresh compelling website copy that has your dream clients nodding and clicking your button before you can say ‘wait list’, right?

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This is where I come in as your website sales page copywriter.

And because there is only one you on this planet, cookie-cutter sales pages won’t cut it – you need sales page copy that is as unique as you are.

So I consult with you and gain a deep understanding of your specific offerings. I’ll ask the right questions to probe out the details of your values, your unique approach, and what people can expect when they book your services, and then emulating your exact tone of voice, I’ll then write your sales pages to tell people why working with you will change their lives.

Write my sales page
write my sales page
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Contact me!

During our initial meeting I’ll ask you all about yourself and your services in detail. We’ll dive into who your services are for and then I’ll take this info and weave my magic into words on your shiny brand new services sales page.

My goal is to write conversion copy for your sales page that creates the kind of magnetic energy to help you and your dream clients find one another- because your services truly make an impact and there are so many people just searching for exactly what you can provide. (Hey dream clients, form an orderly queue there please.)

‘You absolutely nailed it with my retreat page, Becky. I didn’t even have to change a word.’ 

Tiffany-Alysa Accardi, Community Thought Leader

An Intro Sequence: This is the first section of welcoming words that your new client sees first when they land on your page that immediately makes them feel understood and hopeful that your services will make the positive difference to their lives that they have been longing for.

A Bio section: This introduces your target audience to YOU. Up close and personal, we’ll tell you the story of how you found your life’s work, how others have benefited from your services and what problems your services can solve.

Services/Offering Description(s): We identify the problem that YOU uniquely address with empathetic words. We also explain all the special features and benefits included in your services. Your target audience will understand how your course/coaching or other services will improve their lives, and then they’ll be invited to BOOK or BUY! No hard-selling or tacky language, just empathetic and sincere copy. And remember, every single word of your sales page copy is going to sound exactly like you!

The investment for your sales page? Between $599– $999 depending on what you’ll need.

But the value of your new sales page? Well when you think of all those dream clients who are just waiting to meet you… you could say that’s priceless 🙂

And if you’re reading this and you’re on the fence about making the investment in your new sales page- let me say this.

The world truly needs what only you can offer- because your clients won’t find it anywhere else because there is only ONE of you.

I believe we all have different and unique skill sets and wheelhouses, and when we find ours and stick to it, that’s when the magic happens.

And my wheelhouse is conversion copywriting. So, let me use skills to help your biz grow.

And just like there’s only one of you, there’s only one of me 🙂 So fill in the form below and let’s see if we’re a good fit today

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‘ I hired Becky to write my sales page for my solopreneur workshop sales page. To be honest, As a sales page copywriter, she dove deeper into my clients’ pain points than even I have ever been, and used these to write the most convincing and effective sales page that I was proud to publish on my website to promote my work.’

Sarah, Business Coach

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