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Why I’m a Copywriter for Coaches and Consultants

 A copywriter who is good at their craft can write for anyone about anything. 

Over the years I’ve written copy for businesses in a wide variety of niches. But there’s one thing I come back to – and that’s the power of value-driven words that impact in the world for good…

Which is why I love being a copywriter for coaches. Whether you’re:

Building a legacy business, creating a course that offers makes education accessible to all, or you’re a spiritual coach helping people live out their truth

I love being a copywriter for coaches and female entrepreneurs. 

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Niching Down to Become a copywriter for Coaches and Consultants 

One of the first blogs I ever wrote for money was about car stickers. Yawn.

From healing crystals to dog hotels, to pest control services to travel guides for Budapest and Cancun, my past clients resemble the contents of my makeup drawer – a right mixture!

I’ll not lie, some were more enjoyable than others (I’d choose pooches and perodite over Psocoptera. Psocoptera  are a variety of lice, by the way. Ew.).

BUT. I LOVE thorough research and human psychology so I’ll happily turn my hand to the copy needs of any clients I align with.

Some copywriters are set on writing for huge brands and world-famous publications. And don’t get me wrong, I do have some personal dream-client crushes out there (Lonely Planet is on my content-writing-bucket-list. And Jenna Kutcher, if you’re reading this, hit me up!).

But as a value-led biz owner, you’ll always find me wanting to get behind the startups, the dreamers, the coaches who are changing lives one goal at a time with their clients.

What do a manifesting coach, a parenting coach or a sustainably-made trench coat company all have in common?  ( I think the trench coat company only exists in my head… or are you out there?!)

They’re all trying to help others and make the world a better place. And because this is one of my life’s driving factors, when clients need persuasive and nurturing copy to explain who they are, why people should invest in their product or service and how it makes their life better, I’m their girl.

If you’re only interested in making money, I’m not the copywriter for you. 

I believe it’s possible to make an abundant income AND make an impact at the same time. 

‘Making money isn’t hard in itself… What’s hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one’s life to’.

(Carlos Ruiz Zafon, The Shadow of the Wind)

And businesses are never static. They ebb and flow, and evolve. 

And so it doesn’t make sense for entrepreneurs to spend a fortune on copy that isn’t going to serve them for the long term because they’re going to continually develop and evolve what they do.

Why spend thousands of dollars on a sales page when you’ll need to change it or write a new one when it’s time to launch something new?

So the main way I work with heart-led coaches and entrepreneurs so that they get the most impact (and the most bang for their buck) is on a monthly retainer basis. It’s better value for them and allows them space to grow their ideas- and their business.

A monthly retainer with me means coaches get a steady stream of fresh relevant content for their audience, whether it’s a regular newsletter that their niche community can’t wait to read, or ad copy to attract new leads.

Several times I have witnessed that moment when entrepreneurs get a download for a new offering or product. Other times I have watch as inspiration seeps in and slowly an idea becomes clear over the course of a six-months or a year. In both instances, it’s magical. Cue a Slack message:

‘Watch out world, its launch time- Becky, I need a new sales page and email funnel!’

So as a copywriter for coaches and entrepreneurs, I come alongside them, and help them get those ideas down on paper as convincing words that convert.

We become a team. And I’m so much more than their writer, I’m:

Their tone-of-voice twinnie,

Their accountability partner

Their cheerleader

Their idea ‘bouncer-offer’ (is that a word? It is now.)

Forming the kind of synergy we’re after takes time so our retainer agreements are on a three-month commitment basis. This way, I can deeply understand their goals and target audience, and grow into their exact tone of voice over time.

My heart is always long-term collaboration for maximum impact.

Whether its a sales page or full website copy, I expand the reach of coaches and purpose-driven brands with content that’s infused with THEM.

Their stories. Their conversational voice, and thier unique psyche.

Because I believe in their work and I want them to succeed.

So there ya go folks, that’s why I’m a copywriter for coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs.

And if you ARE heart-led coach or value-driven entrepreneur reading this and you’re thinking we might be a match made in heaven, send me a message, I’d love to hear from you.

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